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Transport trolley LSI 2 Transport trolley LSI 2
The transport trolley for the LUKAS industrial cutting set is ideal for mobile use. It consists of a sturdy steel frame with holders for the various devices. Large hard rubber wheels ( 200 mm) facilitate transport.
LUKAS support and protection frame LUKAS support and protection frame
The LUKAS carrying and protective frame facilitates transport for the PO6 and GO 6 motor power units with a 10 litre oil tank. The carrying frame is made of a sturdy steel tube. The rubber feet ensure a better stand.
Hydraulic fluid Hydraulic fluid
LUKAS hydraulic oils are universally usable with all LUKAS industrial products. With ageing resistance and reduction of device wear, it meets all the characteristics you expect from a high-performance hydraulic oil. Mineral oil: LUKAS mineral oil-based hydraulic oil meets the requirements of DIN 51524. Environmentally friendly synthetic oil: Important: The biodegradable...
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