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2-Stage Telescopic Rams2-Stage Telescopic Rams2-Stage Telescopic Rams2-Stage Telescopic Rams
Your most powerful assistants for every scenario.
Stacking SetsStacking SetsStacking SetsStacking Sets
The right response to every situation.
Base PlatesBase PlatesBase PlatesBase Plates
Essential for all lifting tasks.
Axle PushersAxle PushersAxle PushersAxle Pushers
Pushing the vehicle into the track.
Internal JacksInternal JacksInternal JacksInternal Jacks
Special jacks for low-floor vehicles.
Compact-traversing unit Compact-traversing unit
Compact-traversing unit For light rail vehicles. On a suitable surface, light rail vehicles can be traversed using the compact traversing unit, which allows you to rerail with absolute precision. This is thought through in detail to ensure that your rescue mission runs smoothly and safely. Use one or two units, depending on the weight of the accident vehicle. Permissible...
HP 130 / 115 R HP 130 / 115 R
Single-stage lifting rams Compact & strong for short distances. Beside their enormous strength, our telescopic rams also feature thought-out design. High-strength, light alloy aluminum makes them resistant to corrosion and easy to maintain. Optimised surfaces The surfaces of the piston rods are hard-anodised to protect against damage; the piston guard plates are corrugated...
Tilting Jacks Tilting Jacks
Tilting Jacks Rerailing with minimal effort. Depending on the model, you can rerail some vehicles with a HP 25 / K 400 R jack, radius plate and wheel stop with minimal effort. The diagonal stroke movement lifts and traverses the rail vehicle at the same time. The wheel stop stops the traverse movement as soon as the wheels are positioned over the rails. Additionally, the...
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