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SC 358 door opener tips set SC 358 door opener tips set
Due to the outstanding feedback for our StrongArm and the high demand from the market, we consistently think ahead with the idea of the multifunctional tool and have developed door opener tips for our Kombi SC 358 (E2/eWXT). The door opener tips have 2-finger and 3-finger tips which fit perfectly into each other when closed and combine a very low egg thrust height with high...
MINI CUTTER WITH HAND PUMP OPERATION. For cutting pedals, steering wheels or bars in confined spaces.
HTS 99 - Hydraulic door opener HTS 99 - Hydraulic door opener
DOOR OPENER SET WITH HAND PUMP OPERATED Opens multi-locked metal doors or security doors in case of fire, accidents or police operations in buildings.
HTS 99 / LCS 99 HTS 99 / LCS 99
TWO SENTENCES IN ONE One door opener and one mini blade set together in one transport case. The two sets complete a hand pump and a connection hose.
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