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P 605 OE P 605 OE
Following the tradition of our compact battery-powered P 600 OE, the new P 605 OE fulfils all the requirements for use as an extension to a conventional rescue set and thus for creating greater mobility. Or as a useful addition to an eWXT set to extend the usable product portfolio with battery technology. In addition, the P 605 OE is also ideally suited as an alternative to...
P 600 OE P 600 OE
MAKES RESCUE EQUIPMENT MOBILE The P 600 OE makes tube-bound rescue equipment mobile. It gives you maximum freedom of movement during every operation, because it is small, light and handy on the one hand, and on the other hand it allows you to use a rescue system from any location with the optional battery operation. You have the choice: operate your rescue system with the...
LH2 / 1.8 l - PN LH2 / 1.8 l - PN
THE LUKAS HAND PUMP FOR ALL CASES Hand pumps are an important back-up to power the rescue equipment during operations in buildings, under danger of explosion or when no power is available. They are part of the standard equipment of a rescue team.
P 630 OG P 630 OG
PETROL UNIT FOR THE MOBILE USE OF A DEVICE The P 630 OG motor pump is ideally suited when mass accidents require a quick change between different locations. The lightweight unit also shows its advantages in rough terrain. Its low weight combined with very long operating life are clear proof of its superiority in use. All components are perfectly matched because LUKAS is the...
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