Get connected to the future of saving lifes.

LUKAS e3 CONNECT features smart sensors and IoT-exchange with the Captium™ service platform. With technical reports, safety analyses and the full overview of all devices. For more operational readiness - than ever before.

  • Optimized maintenance management
  • Maximized device readiness
  • Longer service life
Any. Time. Ready.


Rescue work is now also possible in salt water up to a depth of 3 m.



A scale shows in which pressure range the tool is during work.


Roll Warning

An indicator light warns of incorrect handling of the rescue tool.



The temperature indicator warns of overheating of the unit in case of extreme load.



For even faster work, the e3 series has a turbo function.



The rescue tool gives the user feedback about the current remaining capacity of the battery.


Star Grip

A direction indicator shows whether the unit is opening or closing.



Automatic or manual data transfer to the Captium™ service platform.

1. Data transmission

The transfer of data from the devices to the Captium™ database happens automatically.This is possible due to the WIFI capability of the new e3 CONNECT devices. All our customers need to do, is to connect to either a WIFI / LTE router or a hotspot created by a mobile device. Once the initial connection has occurred, the tools connect automa- tically after collecting the data with the receiver and transfer the data to the cloud.The devices can save up to ten different routers and will always prioritize the connection with the strongest signal.The data is then processed by our own web-based database – Captium™ – developed in cooperation with Microsoft.


2. Early error detection

Our e3 CONNECT devices offer the unique possibility to send alerts to our customers in cases of malfunctions during the next data trans- mission of the devices. These alerts are initially sent to the Captium™ database whilst the responsible service representative is also directly informed about the failure via an email. The Captium™ alerts cover a huge range of potential malfunctions.These include but are not limited to: tools detecting and reporting on severe vibrations in the device, possible damage to the blades, faults in the electronics or motor, a low battery performance or the advice to flush the device through after salt water use.Thanks to the highly efficient error detection system and maintenance support, the customer is always equipped with a fully functional device.

3. Optimized device management

In the future, Captium™ will provide our customers with a holistic visual overview of the whereabouts and the condi- tion of their devices. The so-called LOCATOR, marks on the map the location where the devices have last transmitted data and also provides information on the readiness of the respective tool. It enables our customers to react quickly to any malfunctions or failures. By updating the device management in Captium™ in real time your fleet manage- ment will be more effective and efficient.


4. Integrated service workflow

With Captium™, we make the maintenance process easier for our customers. This is made possible by our database embedded device service. It informs our customers about upcoming intervals, schedules appointments with their respective service partner and takes over the documentation of the maintenance service performed.


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