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Convex pressure pieces Convex pressure pieces
Protect cylinders and moving parts from accidental damage.
Piston saddles Piston saddles
The best protection for cylinder pistons. Protect cylinders and the parts that you move against accidental damage. LUKAS piston saddles offer the right solution for every application.
Tilting saddles on the piston side Tilting saddles on the piston side
For adapting cylinders to uneven movements. In the case of uneven movements, for example the one-sided lifting of loads, LUKAS tilting saddles are indispensable. Inserted directly into the cylinder piston, they adapt so that the forces can be applied evenly as planned.
Extensions Extensions
For additional lifting height. If you need a few extra centimetres, LUKAS extensions offer a practical solution. Important: Extensions may only be used: with central force transmission if no more than one extension is used in combination with suitable cylinders
Base plates Base plates
LUKAS base plates increase the footprints of cylinders, thus helping stable and secure positioning. So that your planned work steps always work right away! Recommended for all lifting work!
Hydraulic fluid Hydraulic fluid
LUKAS hydraulic oils are universally usable with all LUKAS industrial products. With ageing resistance and reduction of device wear, it meets all the characteristics you expect from a high-performance hydraulic oil. Mineral oil: LUKAS mineral oil-based hydraulic oil meets the requirements of DIN 51524. Environmentally friendly synthetic oil: Important: The biodegradable...
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