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Hoses Hoses
Flexible and pressure-resistant for optimum safety. For an optimum, 4-fold safety factor, LUKAS high-pressure hoses are produced in the highest quality to ensure maximum flexibility and bend resistance. A retaining nut M 14 x 1,5 (sealing cone 60°) can be used to screw in quick connect sockets directly. At the other end, the plug G 1/4 is optimized for connection to the...
Couplers Couplers
Simply faster, safer and cleaner! LUKAS quick couplers make connection much easier. They not only make it quicker to connect two hoses together, a safety mechanism also prevents accidental disconnection. The socket and plug are fitted with dust caps to protect against dirt and can be purchased separately. Our quick connect couplings are approved up to 700 bar (70 MPa).
Screw connectors Screw connectors
For long-lasting connections. Screw connectors from LUKAS are the most practical solution for long-lasting connection of hydraulic hoses or tools. Choose from a variety of connection threads and seal types to ensure that transition points are securely sealed. Your personal LUKAS adviser will be happy to help you make your choice.
Manometer Manometer
LUKAS Manometer werden einfach mit dem passenden Hochdruckanschluss an der Handpumpe montiert. Auf einer übersichtlichen Anzeige ist der Betriebsdruck im Hydrauliksystem ablesbar.
Pressure gauges Pressure gauges
Full pressure control. LUKAS pressure gauges are easy to fit to the hand pump using the appropriate high-pressure connector. A clearly laid out display shows the operating pressure in the hydraulic system. When the maximum value is reached, the drag pointers stop until they are manually reset. With LUKAS quality pressure gauges, you can choose between coarsely and finely...
Conversion sets for hand pumps Conversion sets for hand pumps
When you need more from your tool. With its conversion sets, LUKAS responds to your increasing requirements. They mean that you do not need a completely new hand pump if you want to control an additional cylinder,
Distributor valves Distributor valves
For regulating and closing several oil flows. Turn one oil flow into several individually regulated flows. LUKAS distributor valves deliver practical functionality here - simply by opening and closing: controlling the speed of every oil flow closing oil flows independently of one another Need more than 2, 4 or 6 lines? LUKAS can also offer you 8-way valves.
Throttle check valves Throttle check valves
For regulating an oil flow. The needle valve can be installed in both flow directions in order to reduce the speed of an oil flow or to close it off completely. This makes it possible to regulate the lowering speed when lowering a load with a cylinder, for example, while the extension/lifting speed remains the same. Includes hydraulic screw connectors for connection to LUKAS...
Hydraulic fluid Hydraulic fluid
LUKAS hydraulic oils are universally usable with all LUKAS industrial products. With ageing resistance and reduction of device wear, it meets all the characteristics you expect from a high-performance hydraulic oil. Mineral oil: LUKAS mineral oil-based hydraulic oil meets the requirements of DIN 51524. Environmentally friendly synthetic oil: Important: The biodegradable...
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