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High-pressure hoses High-pressure hoses
For an optimal safety factor, LUKAS high-pressure hoses are manufactured in excellent quality. They are thus as flexible and kink-resistant as possible. Both ends are equipped with a cap nut. Two connecting nipples (M 14 x 1.5/G 1/4 A) are supplied as standard. For the hoses type 250 MPa, the connecting nipple has a basic seal.
High pressure quick connectors High pressure quick connectors
Simply faster, safer and cleaner! LUKAS quick couplers make connection much easier. They not only make it quicker to connect two hoses together, a safety mechanism also prevents accidental disconnection. The socket and plug are fitted with dust caps to protect against dirt and can be purchased separately.
High Pressure Manometer High Pressure Manometer
LUKAS Hochdruck-Manometer werden einfach mit dem passenden Hochdruckanschluss an die Handpumpe montiert. Auf einer übersichtlichen Anzeige ist der Betriebsdruck im Hydrauliksystem ablesbar.
Anschlüsse für Hochdruck-Manometer Anschlüsse für Hochdruck-Manometer
Die Anschlüsse für Hochdruck-Manometer passen perfekt zwischen LUKAS Pumpen und Manometer aus dem Hochdruck-Programm. Sie sind extrem robust dank hoher Verarbeitungsqualität und halten hohen Drücken stand!
Hydraulic fluid Hydraulic fluid
LUKAS hydraulic oils are universally usable with all LUKAS industrial products. With ageing resistance and reduction of device wear, it meets all the characteristics you expect from a high-performance hydraulic oil. Mineral oil: LUKAS mineral oil-based hydraulic oil meets the requirements of DIN 51524. Environmentally friendly synthetic oil: Important: The biodegradable...
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