The term ‘Human Factors’ is a very broad term which applies to the study of how humans interact with the world around them and is usually applied to the workplace in order to improve individual and team performance. It is my belief that emergency responders generally do not think of the vital role of human factors when considering our approach to attending road traffic collisions; we must. As vehicle extrication is not only a team task, but a multi agency process, human factors play a pivotal role in a successful outcome. I have absolutely no doubt that the biggest gains we can make in order to improve the outcomes of road traffic collisions involve being more aware of human factors and routinely incorporating these principles into our training and preplanning. The way we work and the result of our endeavours rely so heavily these considerations and no matter how proficient we may be with a hydraulic rescue tool, a safe and timely patient centred extrication can only be achieved by a team aware of its surroundings. Vehicle Extrication - The NEXT GENERATION looks at several key areas of human factors. Resilience, situational awareness, critical decision making and communication. All areas often overlooked in preparation for dealing with road traffic collisions. Find more on and on amazon