The scene of a road traffic collision in an inherently dangerous environment and operational responders should always ensure that their primary focus is the safety of themselves, their colleagues and members of the public.

Upon arrival, there will be numerous hazards on scene which will change throughout the duration of the incident, with each posing specific risks. Every member of the team should be aware of their surroundings and hazards should be identified, prioritized and communicated as soon as possible. Although this is generally the role of the incident commander, it is incumbent on all team members to establish and maintain a safe area to work until the incident is concluded. A culture of operational safety should be the foundation of training and preplanning with risk management being routinely discussed and practiced. Many countries now publish statistics relating to first responder injuries and fatalities and whilst it is difficult to directly attribute data to specific call types, we should not underestimate the risks involved in dealing with road traffic collisions. Vehicle Extrication - The NEXT GENERATION has safety at its heart and every consideration, option and discussion prioritizes the wellbeing of all team members, other agencies and of course the patient. Find more in “Vehicle Extrication – The Next Generation” on www.lukas-store.de/en/home/