PreHospital Clinicians

In an ideal world, technical and medical rescue services would arrive on scene of a road traffic collision at exactly the same time, be familiar personally and professionally and work seamlessly to extricate the trapped victims.

They would know each other’s rationale and be well aware of each other’s expectations, capabilities and limitations. They would all be present for an evaluation and proactively feedback areas for development to ensure they continuously improved. They would have spent many hours training together. Familiarizing each other with equipment, techniques and processes employed by their own agency. They would share best practice and challenge current thinking and methodologies in an attempt to push the boundaries of what is possible. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal world and through no fault of emergency responders around the world, this simply is not the case in the vast majority of places. The reality is that either the medical or technical rescue agency gets there first and is left to work alone for a period of time until the other arrives. For this reason, Vehicle Extrication - The NEXT GENERATION has been written with prehospital clinicians in mind.