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E 100 StrongArm E 100 StrongArm
LIGHT IN THE HAND - STRONG IN USE Overcoming obstacles quickly Every operation requires the highest concentration and perfect equipment. To enable you to remove any obstacle on the way to a quick rescue, LUKAS has developed a combination rescue device that provides you with reliable and efficient support during your operation: Opening doors and gates, cutting chains, locks...
LE 100 StrongArm LE 100 StrongArm
CLEAR THE WAY - OVERCOME OBSTACLES QUICKLY The LE 100 StrongArm from LUKAS is a strong helper for police and special task forces. The multifunctional device removes every obstacle and saves time when it counts. It cuts locks, bolts, chains or cables, pushes obstacles such as bars out of the way and breaks locks. With the door opener tips, locked gates, building, apartment...
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