Our service-mobile


The LUKAS service-mobile.
Support for rescue heroes

On-site inspection and maintenance of LUKAS rescue equipment

We are here for you, and we can check your rescue equipment, industrial tool hydraulics and re-railing systems directly on your site. Send us your inquiry by email, citing the following information for each device

  • Age of the device
  • Device designation (ideally with our article number)
  • Date of the last inspection
  • Photos of the device

Your benefits

Here at LUKAS we want to optimise your working day and we believe that you have no time to lose. A flexible repair and maintenance service sets new standard for effectiveness. So your equipment is never off your site and is always ready for action.


Lukas rescue equipment

GUV testing

Only testing for hydraulic equipment. Our LUKAS service-mobile offers you the following checks:

Annual inspection
  • Visual and function check of the equipment
  • Additional check of the current pressure of the power units and the force generated by the equipment

Make sure that you know when the next inspection is scheduled. All equipment is fitted with a placard indicating the date of the next inspection. Contact us by email and we will be delighted to generate a quote for you. There is a flat-rate price list available for rescue equipment inspections because the workload involved with each device is always the same. The anticipated working hours are specifically determined in the case of re-railing systems (LAA) and tool hydraulics. We would ask you to take these into account and look forward to working with you.