Development opportunities

Your development opportunities at LUKAS

Further training is a priority at LUKAS. Because ultimately happiness and the personal advancement of our employees are particularly close to our hearts.

For this reason, there are a great deal of further training opportunities at LUKAS – both regional, offered by and hosted by LUKAS themselves, and also international, provided by our corporate group – the IDEX Corporation.

You can decide for yourself which opportunity is best suited to you as an employee, together with your line manager.

Internal measures at LUKAS for advancement and further development:

Employee appraisals

Open dialogue is the foundation of our company culture – the annual employee appraisal is an important core element of this.
You meet with your management to agree on personal binding targets and development measures, against which you will be measured for the following year. Together, you also determine the framework that you require in order to work autonomously and independently, and you discuss further development opportunities.
"Workday", a computer-based program for estimating and assessing personal objectives and development areas, is available to help you prepare for this review.

Training measures within the IDEX Corporation

As a LUKAS employee, belonging to the IDEX Corporation offers you access to international management programmes, amongst other things. Alongside the acquisition of uniform management instruments and intercultural skills, this is intended in particular to promote a global network of managers throughout the various areas of the company.
Leadership Excellence Program (LEP)

The LEP is oriented towards experienced, international leaders (senior management).
The training units are spread over 12 months (total duration approx. 5 weeks).
Focus: Strategic and effective leadership
Tools: Case studies, business simulations, 7 habits training, team-building activities, mentoring, etc.


  • Improvement of management quality, not only the individual managers but rather the whole management team and business areas
  • Promotion and creation of a management culture based on the IDEX values and aligned with the IDEX vision
  • Promotion of the exchange between the participants of the LEP programme and IDEX senior management
  • Promotion of a global network of managers